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Member Resources

NH Healthy Families is committed to providing our Members with the resources they need to ensure the best possible care. In this section, we provide information and resources. This includes the member handbook, forms, and more. 

If you need help understanding any of the information, please call us at 1-866-769-3085 (TDD/TTY 1-855-742-0123).

  • Welcome MembersIn this section, you will find important information about important first steps when becoming a member, such as creating an online account, filling out your Health Risk Assessment, and choosing a provider.
  • Member Handbooks and Forms - Visit this section to see our Member Handbook, Provider Directory, and other important forms.
  • Find a Provider Tool -  Find PCPs, Specialists, Pharmacies and more in your area.
  • Member Newsletters - Here you will find current and past issues of our Member Newsletter.  Each issue has important things you need to know as well as lots of tips to help keep you healthy.
  • Complaints & Appeals - We hope our members will always be happy with us and our network providers. If they are not happy we want to know. This section provides information on what to do if you are unhappy with the care you are receiving.
  • Behavioral Health Resources - Here you will find brochures and education materials about things like Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Substance Use & Addiction, and others.
  • Medical Screenings - Information about Adult Medical Screenings, Health Checks for young adults, and mammograms.
  • Member Advisory Board - We have a Member Advisory Board that gives Members like you a chance to share your thoughts and ideas with NH Healthy Families. The group meets periodically. You may ask questions or share any concerns that you have about the delivery of services. 
  • Regional Member Meetings - Find information about our Regional Member Meetings and see upcoming dates/locations of the meetings.
  • Member Rights and Responsibilities - As a member of NH Healthy Families, you have certain rights.  You also have responsibilities to us and to your doctor.  To see the full list, visit this page.
  • Member Disenrollment Rights - Visit this page to view information on your disenrollment rights.
  • Statement of Non-Discrimination - Visit this page to view our non-discrimination statement.
  • Quality Improvement Program - NH Healthy Families' Quality Improvement (QI) Program focuses on preventive health. The program creates plans, puts those plans into action, and measures efforts to improve your health and safety. Click this link to learn more.
  • Fraud, Waste and Abuse - This section has information about identifying and reporting Fraud, Waste or Abuse either by a provider, another member, or NH Healthy Families.
  • Transition of Care - We know change can be scary. NH Healthy Families wants to make this change easy. Whether you are new to New Hampshire Medicaid Managed Care or are changing health plans, we will make sure you continue to get the services you need. 
  • Advance Directives - It is an unpleasant thought, but what if you became too sick to tell the doctor what you want your care to be? An Advance directive (also known as a living will) is a way to make sure that your wishes are known. You can make decisions in advance of care or name someone to make those choices if you cannot.
  • Hospital Quality Information - Use the Hospital Compare tool to find out about the quality of hospitals near you.
  • Helpful Links - Additional information and resources for your health care needs.