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April 2020 Provider Newsletter

Date: 04/07/20

COVID-19 has put a strain on our healthcare delivery system nationwide, and we at NH Healthy Families thank you for continuing to provide treatment and medical advice to our members and communities. In light of the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have created a page on our website (LINK) where our providers can find the latest updates from our plan. These updates have to do with coding, telehealth guidelines and any other information you may need to know. We have also developed a page for our members regarding COVID-19. Whether you are treating a patient with a positive COVID-19 test, or just a patient who has questions about this virus, you can find information here: Member COVID-19 page (LINK).

Additionally, we are pleased to inform you of enhancements to NH Healthy Families’ provider portal. We have improved the functionality to support the online reconsideration process. You and your staff can also more easily manage claims utilizing the improved claims tracker. Find out more information about this on page 2.

We at NH Healthy Families are committed to communicating with you by getting you the information you need, when you need it, using the tools you prefer. As part of this effort, we are updating our provider contact list. Please help us by completing our Provider Contact Form (LINK) to give us the most accurate and up-to-date method of contact for your office.

For the full provider newsletter, click here (LINK)

In good health,

Jennifer Kent Weiner
Vice President, Network Management
NH Heathy Families