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Mental Health Champion

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Become a Mental Health Champion!

A Mental Health (MH) Champion is any person or organization that raises awareness for mental health, reduces stigma, and provides support and hope to those in need.

Being a MH Champion is easier than you think! Many people have experienced mental health challenges or have family or friends who have. By becoming a MH Champion you can empower and encourage others to talk openly about mental health.

Any member aged 12 to 20 can take the NH Healthy Families pledge to become a MH Champion. After taking the pledge any member aged 12 to 20 can also earn up to $50 in My Health Pays® rewards by participating in qualifying MH related training, programs or activities** and submitting the attestation form.

You can find the MH Champion Attestation form (after 6 hours of participation in an activity) at the link below:

MH Champion Attestation Form (PDF)

Take the Pledge Now

**Some restrictions and limitations apply. Each Member can earn up to $250 in cash and non-cash services through June 30 each year.