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Disposable Medical Supplies and DME

Our network of providers can dispense disposable medical supplies and durable medical equipment (DME) that will be mailed directly to your patients.

For more information call NH Healthy Families Provider Services at 1-866-769-3085.

See below for example categories of disposable medical supplies and DME:

Medical and Surgical Supplies (A4206-A9999)

  • Injection Supplies
  • Other Supplies
  • Incontinence Appliances and Care Supplies
  • Ostomy Supplies
  • Miscellaneous Supplies
  • Supplies For Oxygen and Related Respiratory Equipment
  • Replacement Supplies For DME
  • Dialysis Supplies
  • Ostomy Pouches and Supplies
  • Incontinence Supplies
  • Dressings
  • Respiratory Supplies
  • Tracheostomy Supplies
  • Other Supplies and Devices

Enteral and Parenteral Therapy (B4000-B9999)

  • Enteral Formulae and Enteral Medical Supplies
  • Enteral and Parenteral Pumps

Durable Medical Equipment (E0100-E9999)

  • Humidifiers/Compressors/Nebulizers
  • Pumps and Vaporizers
  • Monitoring Devices
  • Compression Devices
  • Nerve Stimulators and Devices
  • Infusion Supplies

Temporary Codes (K0000-K9999)

Replacement Battery For External Infusion Pump

National T Codes Establish For State Medicaid Agencies (T1000-T9999)

Disposable diaper, underwear, liner