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Ways to Earn

You can find the MH Champion Attestation form (after 6 hours of participation in an activity) at the link below:

MH Champion Attestation Form (PDF)


If you are receiving treatment from a Community Mental Health Center (CMHC) you may have the opportunity to engage in evidenced based recovery programs. Learn more below and if you complete one of these programs you can qualify for the reward! Additional information on the Ten (10) CMHC’s can be found here:

The Seven Challenges
The Seven Challenges helps you to understand what needs are being met by using drugs, what harm they are causing, what risks they are taking, and what it entails to make changes. The program provides tools and support to also manage co-occurring mental health challenges that ensures success.

Modular Approach to Therapy for Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, or Conduct Problems
This evidenced based treatment provides clear step-by-step instructions, activities, example scripts, time-saving tips, and easy-to-read handouts and worksheets for youth and their caregivers. Modules are designed to address various mental health challenges specific to anxiety, depression, trauma or conduct problems.


NH Teen Institute
Empowering teens to lead healthy lifestyles and create stronger communities through community-focused prevention and leadership workshops.

Youth MH First Aid
When you see a family member, friend, or co-worker in crisis, it can be hard to know how to respond, how to help. Mental Health First Aid provides the tools.  Just as CPR helps you assist an individual having a heart attack, Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) helps you assist someone experiencing a mental health or substance use-related crisis.

MH First Aid Training is available from the Organizations below:

Signs of Suicide (SOS)
SOS, Signs of Suicide is an evidence based program that teaches students how to identify the signs of suicide and depression in themselves and their peers.

More Than Sad
This training focuses on how to recognize signs of mental health distress in students/peers and refer them for help. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention developed this educational program to help increase knowledge and understanding of suicidal behavior in youth, its causes, treatment and prevention.

NAMI NH Connect Suicide Prevention Training
The Connect program is a comprehensive suicide post-prevention program developed by NAMI NH in 2002. The Connect program integrates evidence based informed protocols, training and consultation to prevent suicide, promote healing and reduce risk of contagion after a suicide.

Contact: Elaine de Mello or

Peer Support:

NAMI NH- In Our Own Voice Speaker
In Our Own Voice is a NAMI NH recovery education program that trains individuals who themselves have struggled with mental illness and are in recovery to tell their story to others. This program empowers those who are faced with mental illness, and provides living proof that recovery is an ongoing reality. Presenters gain confidence and self-esteem while serving as role models for the community.

NAMI NH - Onward NH 603 Stories
Share your story and experience with early serious mental illness through 603 Stories, part of the NAMI NH Onward NH program. Make connections, get help and find hope through peer support.

Youth Move NH
Get involved!:  M.O.V.E. stands for Motivating Others through Voices of Experience. And that’s exactly what we do! Our young staff and volunteers share their voices of experience through advocacy and leadership activities to change the very systems they have lived through. The organization engages young people to be equal partners in the process of change, while coaching others in the area of authentic youth involvement.

Communities for Alcohol and Drug Free Youth (CADY)
Every year thousands of New Hampshire youth make a choice—a choice to use or not use alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. CADY’s mission is to help youth make healthy and safe choices. CADY offers innovative programming and evidence-based strategies that deter alcohol, tobacco and other drug use; that engage and strengthen families, schools and communities; and that promote healthy environments and resiliency building. Learn more about CADY’s programs below

Makin’ It Happen
In the EmpowerYouth! Program, youth come together to share, listen, learn and discuss issues and challenges within their school community. Collectively they identify prevention solutions that they can put into action. Learn more below:


Community Action for Safe Teens (CAST)
Serving the communities of Amherst, Brookline, Hollis, Mason, Mont Vernon and Wilton, CAST offers leadership training and other programming to prevent substance use, educate, support and promote healthy choices for youth throughout Souhegan Valley.

PEMI Youth Center
With locations in both Plymouth and Franklin, the PEMI Youth Center engages youth in a variety of community based service learning projects throughout the school year and summer months. Additional programming includes Creative Arts Workshops, Empowerment Groups and Life Skills Training.

Youth Leadership Through Adventure (YLTA)
YLTA is a student-led program to plan and implement effective substance misuse prevention and awareness programs based on positive youth development. The mission of YLTA is to empower youth to lead and promote the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, reduce substance misuse, and improve overall school climate in each and every school of the North Country of New Hampshire.

Young Organizers United (Y.O.U.)
With Manchester and Nashua Chapters, Y.O.U. works to provide information, skills, and leadership training to help empower youth. Y.O.U. members come together with open minds twice weekly to discuss what’s going on in their lives and community in a safe space. They work together to bring about positive changes in their schools and community.

Granite YMCA Programs:
The mission of Y-YOUTH Matter is to increase resiliency in our communities’ youth and their families through social-emotional support, academic development and healthy living initiatives, equipping them to achieve their greatest potential. Learn more about Y-YOUTH Matter in the program brochure.

More detailed information can be found here:

Law Enforcement Against Drugs and Alcohol (L.E.A.D)
A non profit 501(c)(3) organization, supported by dedicated police officers, committed to protecting youth and communities from the proliferation of drugs, drug related crimes, peer to peer/cyber bullying and violence. L.E.A.D utilizes evidenced based curricula to work through fun and interactive lessons, building the self confidence young people need to make healthy choices and achieve success. Participation in this program through your school district is a qualifying activity for the MH Champion reward!

More detailed information can be found here:

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Sign up to volunteer for community and campus walks, paws for prevention or host your own event to help prevent suicide

Other MH related programs, education or activities
NH has so much to offer for youth to take advantage of and we may not have covered it all here! If you have completed a MH related program, training or activity please submit a brief description along with a copy of certificate of completion, if applicable, to the email below. We will review your submission to determine if it qualifies for rewards!

MH Champion Email: