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New Hampshire Healthy Families Transportation Notice

Date: 07/06/15

NH Healthy Families is happy to be working with Coordinated Transportation Solutions (CTS).  CTS is the new company that will arrange transportation to your medical appointments.  Beginning August 1 Coordinated Transportation Solutions (CTS) will answer your call when you contact NH Healthy Families Member Services to schedule a ride.

CTS is a New England based company.  They have helped people get to their medical appointments in New Hampshire since December 2013. CTS will give you more choices for rides because there is almost twice the number of drivers in their network. They look forward to servicing you.

What is changing:

  • Mileage reimbursement
    • Rides must be scheduled in advance,
    • Forms must be submitted at the end of each month,
    • There will be a new form for you to use posted to our website.
  • Routine trips can be scheduled two business days before your appointment.
  • Automated service to verify or change your trip.

What is not changing:

  • Your scheduled trips will occur as planned,
  • Forms must be signed by the medical provider,
  • Mileage reimbursement amount is the same,
  • You will likely have the driver you use today,
  • All other processes for scheduling trips will be the same.

You will continue to schedule your rides in the same way as you did before.  Even before August 1, CTS will begin scheduling drivers for you.  You do not need to change what you do to get a ride.

To keep updated and get the new reimbursement form, please see our Benefits information. You may also contact NH Healthy Families Member Services at 1-866-769-3085 (TDD/TTY 1-855-742-0123) with any questions.

To download a copy of this notice, click here.