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<strong>NH Healthy Families offers quality healthcare coverage <br>for NH Medicaid plan members.</strong>
I Decide Which Medicaid Plan is Right for Us, I choose NH Healthy Families


NH Healthy Families is proud to partner with doctors in your area. Find your doctor from our list of network providers.



We are here to help with any questions. Call us at 1-866-769-3085.

Nothing is more important than taking care of you and your family.
Choose NH Healthy Families for healthcare coverage and special benefits.

Rewards Program
Earn dollar rewards for completing certain healthy activities. Use your rewards for healthy, everyday items.

Start Smart for Your Baby
Take care of yourself and your baby every step of the way. Pregnant and new moms can receive support and helpful information, and participate in the diaper bag initiative at no cost to you.

Behavioral Health Services
NH Healthy Families can help you find a provider, find local resources, plan an appointment and find transportation for your behavioral health needs.

Vision Services
Protect your eyes with regular eye exams and get prescription eyewear at no cost to you.

Transportation Services
NH Healthy Families covers non-emergent transportation for our members to access covered medical services.

Integrated Care Management Program
Our dedicated Care Managers will help you with your medical, behavioral and social service needs.